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Email me if you have any questions or you would like to help me out along the way.

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  1. Jean says:

    (first email to above bounced…)

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Jean and I live in Montreal. I came across your story and was immediately interested. Last year, I sailed a small boat I made from Montreal to Quebec. It was a fun experience I’m planning on repeating this summer.

    If you are interested, I have some photos online you can look at:

    If you want, here is where I camped on the second night. When I was there, the locals tolerated camping on the sandy beach and it was actually secluded and quite nice (46.375922, -72.450929).

    When you get to the big lake before Trois Rivieres, the channel follows the shore on the left. If you go to the right side, you will paddle through some weeds and shallow water (not too shallow for a kayak). At this part there were a lot of flies, however, it avoids a lot of commercial traffic as they stick to the channel.

    After Trois Rivieres, be wary of the confluence of the river there meeting the St. Lawrence. It can make the water “boil”. For dinghies it’s not a big deal, but I’m unfamiliar with kayaks.

    After Portneuf, you will turn a bend in the river and it will be all straight to Quebec with cliffs on your right. If the wind is at your back, you will have large waves to deal with (wind + current). Be mindful of commercial traffic and you should be OK.

    I hope you have some rain gear and dry bags. It really poured today. Tomorrow is expecting to be nicer, but winds westerly up to 25km/h in the afternoon.

    I am in Montreal and always willing to help out a fellow adventurer. Email me if you need supplies, gear, info or advice.



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