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This is the official site of sea kayak instructor Tim Gallaway following his efforts to gain higher skills as a kayak instructor, a qajaq mentor, an expeditionary, and an academic.

Okay enough third person stuff.

Thank you for visiting KayakToTheSea.  My first goal of this website is to spread the word about my ‘first’ trip of a lifetime.  You can read more about it in the “The Expedition” tab.  It happened in May of 2012 so you can read up on equipment, routes, training I followed for the expedition.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my pokey little website.


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  1. marc and margaret says:

    Good to meet you in Little Current. Glad you enjoyed the campsite and the Cranes.

    Safe journey….it will be a pleasure to follow your adventure.

    M&M on board “Spitfire”

  2. Jacques Landry says:

    Bon voyage
    Glad we could provide you with a safe spot to pitch your tent last night. Hope the tunderstorm and wind did not interfere too much with your sleep. Good luck and have a good trip. You have a very interesting website and we will check on you once in a while. Take care.
    Jacques & Thérèse

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